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Caesar’s Hatch and Josh’s Coupe

This past month we attended a local meet in Gardena CA that ended up being a last minute thing. Brought along the camera because you just never know when you come across those ‘picture perfect’ moments. And man good thing we did. Here we met our two stars of this blog post and now our friends Josh and Caeser; the two actually happen to be family! And man do they have a sense in style. Oh yea, and they are no strangers to the track 😉

Caesar and Josh actually were humble enough to talk to us a bit and give us a very brief insight of their cars 🙂


Caesar owns a red 1992 S13 Nissan 240SX Hatch:


B&E: So how long have you had your car?

Caesar: I bought this car in April 2012 a little over 4 years

B&E: Wow nice man. It was red then originally right? Just not as clean?

Caesar: Yeah and I’m the second owner too!


B&E: Dude. I’m happy about that. And you have tracked it before? Correct?

Caesar: Yeah, I’m actually going to drift next weekend with Josh.

B&E: Oh nice! Where at? What event?

Caesar: Grange in Apple valley, come join! Slide factory is hosting the event.


B&E: Dang I wish. I will definitely be seeing you at the track more often though! Okay so, could you reveal some basic mods that you are happy about?

Caesar: Hmm it’s stock hahaha. Other than that though I have suspension work, DC Sports header, Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust, SPL arms, Stance coils with Swift springs, Cusco cage . . .

B&E: Good stuff man. Sounds like a solid build for sure. Perfect, now do you have a daily? You don’t drive this everyday do you?

Caesar: No, she stays in the garage. I drive a 2011 Toyota Camry!


B&E: Nice. No one can suspect you own a bad ass car. Hahaha.

Caesar: Had to get V6 since my 240 is so slow Hahaha.

B&E: Slow but fun and I know you love it.

Caesar: Yup enough power to have fun with for now.


B&E: Okay so future plans? Anything you are exited about? Or you just riding the wave now because it looks pretty solid to me. But you never know.

Caesar: Eventually go SR, but yea riding the wave for now haha. Doubt my KA will ever give out, since it’s got about 150k miles.

B&E: Oh wow it’s a baby, enjoy it while you can!



Josh owns a black 1991 S13 Nissan 240SX Coupe:


B&E: How long have you had your car for? Was it originally black? And can you tell me about the experience you went through when purchasing it?

Josh: Had my car since ’09 this is my second S-Chassis. Originally was owned by a lady before me. It was automatic with 100k. She had all the original service records and even the original dealer sticker. It was bone stock. I painted it about 3 years ago with my friend at a junior college for like $600!


B&E: Wow man nice sounds solid I’m happy to see where you have gone with it. And I know you track your car. I hear you are attending an event with Caesar? Tell me about that. You excited? And have you taken your car to Grange before?

Josh: Yup multiple times! Ya we’re doing another Grange event. Taken my car to Grange 3 times now.


B&E: Nice man I hope to check you guys out some time at the track.

Josh: Ya dude you should totally come! I’ll give you ride alongs.


B&E: Awesome! Okay so could you reveal some basic mods that you are happy about?

Josh: Well my engine is a completely stock KA24DE. Some of my favorite parts are DG5 coilovers, Nismo SSS 2 Way LSD, SPL arms all around, street faction flca, Safety 21 7pt cage, 17x9J +22 TE37, 5zigen Border 3 exhaust, OEM Silvia K’s Aero, Aero Marker mirrors, Origin roof wing. . . Oh I forgot my Bride seats. Zeta 2/ brix 1.5. Hahaha

B&E: Nice sounds like you put in the work to making a great build. Do you have a daily? Or you drive your coupe all the time?

Josh: I used to daily it but now I daily a Civic Hahaha.


B&E: So no one suspects you or Caesar own some of the coolest cars. Hahaha. Now, lastly. Any future plans? Anything you are excited about coming up with your car? Or is it solid for now?

Josh: Hahaha it’s never ending there’s always something I “need” to get for it. But once I finish college and get a nicer daily I’m going to go SR. But for now it’s good how it is.

B&E: Well we can’t wait to see where it goes from here buddy.


Hard Work and Patience

The S13 is a timeless chassis and these two owners did them justice. Yes, it takes time, money, and patience to get your car to where you envision it. So where ever you are at with your build continue the hard work and keep the passion alive. We hope this give others a sense in motivation and inspiration 🙂


As always be sure to share the pictures and the blog!

“We are just here to help support and promote car culture lifestyle.”
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