9th Annual Socal S-Chassis Car Show

S-Chassis Enthusiasts UNITE!

This past weekend was the annual event that brings together all S-Chassis owners from all over SoCal. Even some people from out of state make it to this one. Although California has very strict emissions regulations it continues to be a place where the scene is alive and well.


Upon arriving all the vendors were prepping their spots for the event. Then I see this! Finally got to see Kyle Ranauro’s beautifully built machines.


Kyle runs PRO SHOP NOBLE which is where he does business and provides his services to the community. Make sure you check him out as he is highly recommended since Kyle is known for his attention to detail.



Kyle also brought along his beautiful and unique s13 hatch. The color in combination with his inverted hatch and vented hood makes this a sight for sore eyes.


And again I run into this dude. Mikey is always super nice to people when I see him. Jimmy Up has been a true inspiration and I must admit that I get a feeling of accomplishment when I see he shares my content.



My guy Rob from the POP SHOP. Has definitely been a while but he remains a genuine man indeed. The POP SHOP guys are always a happy bunch and their test and tune days are some of the best. Shout out to Jalante whom was not present this since he jumped on an amazing opportunity that presented itself to him.


Meliton made it out with and was with the Clutch Masters guys. The last time I saw his car was at the Irvine meets and had some cool mild mods. Now this car is a full drift machine running in competitions. Glad to see you out there having fun man.


Mr. Alexander came representing Hashiriya Co. Their shirts are super sleek and have more of a gentlmans touch to it. Give em a follow for sure!



Kenny came out with John and a few others with Corner3 Garage. These guys are the best. Always nice and happy to help out with any question you may have. John has always answered my questions with ease and I also get the sense that he wants whats best for you and what suits your needs. These guys also run a track series called Nissan Challenge. Something definitely worth checking out for those of you whom want to track your S-Chassis and learn more about your car. They will help you push your limits.



Zestino Tyres USA showed up as well: the tire company has took the drift scene by storm.



I have a soft spot for RC drifting and GGT is where I go get my fix. They are located in Garden Grove and they have a full blown RC track for drifting. Keith runs the shop and is so nice and helpful to all people whom come by. So if you want to get into this hobby make sure you pass by GGT they will definitely help you out.




Sort of crazy seeing so all those cars you see on your social media feed lined up to come to this event.


Javier is actually a real close friend of mine and his car is one of my favorites. I like how he goes for the OEM plus look.


I actually couldn’t believe it when I heard this guy was making it. I’m glad you got it fixed up just in time Hong.


So this one really caught my eye. The color in combination with wheels and body kit just had me at hello. Well done indeed.


Yup. There it is and all its glory. My favorite kouki: Jose’s S14. Dude is super cool just like his car. Dont be fooled by the hard parking here he rips with this thing whenever he gets the chance.


Another cool red S13 parked in the same as spot last year!


Shout out to this guy who came out and showed me some support. Thank you!


I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff who actually towed his car all the way from NorCal just to make it to this meet. Always cool seeing the cars you love on Instagram in person.



Mr. lucidnightz in the daytime. I love Gabriel’s S14.



Towards the end of it all some of my friends actually won a trophy!

Ernie whom I only recently met and seen a couple times won best S13 Coupe. The dude is super chill. I hope see you around more often man!  (I hate myslef for cutting off the Lakais 🙁 )


The best painter in all of Santa Ana won best S14 Zenkie again! JP of JVAUTOBODY deserves it second time around no doubt. Another win for Team Mayhem.


Another successful meet

Although there was a little trouble with K1 at first and the lines seemed even longer than last year it is safe to say that the meet was a success. With so many people walking around with smiles on their faces, making friends, and taking pictures Anthony and John deserve a pat on the back. It’s thanks to people like them and the vendors that us enthusiast have a well organized event to come to and talk passion. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I already can’t wait for the next one.

Until next time!




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